About Certificate Chain

The Certificate Chain is created using blockchain technology to record the data in a digital format.The system can store the certificates and changes to them and link them together cryptographically.The Certificate Chain records the information in a distributable manner across multiple locations. The certificates in this chain are secured, tamper - proof, and are immutable.Tampering the information present in the chain is impossible because the distributed ledgers need to be updated; this needs consensus from all the peers to synchronize the data between them, thereby ascertaining anti-tamper characteristics of the Certificate Chain.Thus, actual and genuine certificates are preserved.

Benefits of Certificate Chain

The generic Certificate Chain system is developed using blockchain technology provides trustable, immutable, and traceable certificates. Various organizations and departments of governments can use it to store and as well as retrieve the record. The system can store various certificates like birth certificates, death certificates, caste certificates, etc. The various departments can use these certificates to sanction the social benefits to the concerned persons after verifying the certificates. The recorded information could be used by other organisations such as insurance companies to verify the customer's claims, thereby clearly avoiding any fraudulent activities.

Changes to the certificates will also be submitted to the Certificate Chain by the issuing authority. The Certificate Chain system will then link these new updates of the certificates and integrate them into the chain and store them securely.

The system provides quick and reliable access for verification and averts the storage facilities to store the earlier paper-based formats of the certificates. This paperless-based system saves time for verification and promotes a digital e-paper-based format. The system could be used by various departments and organizations,

The generic Certificate Chain developed enhances the following features.

  • a) Transparency
  • b) Tamper-proof
  • c) Paperless
  • d) Free from third-party interference
  • e) See the trail of the certificate issued to a person
  • f) Single platform for enabling the storage and retrieval of different certificates
Certificates proposed to be stored in Certificate Chain

The generic Certificate Chain developed enhances the following features.

  • a)Birth and Death Certificates.
  • b)Land Records
  • c)Invoices and Licenses.
  • d)Income and caste certificates, etc.