• What is a Certificate Chain ?

The Certificate Chain is a blockchain-based system that enables the registered agencies/departments to record documents/certificates which is issued to citizen in blockchain network.

• What are the documents that can be uploaded onto the Certificate Chain network?

Certificate Chain network can handle any document such as ration card, birth certificate, income certificate, death certificate, etc. The system is developed to handle any generic document.

• Who can use the Certificate Chain?

Any citizen can verify the document from the portal. Agencies can verify the document provided they are authorised by the concerned department.

• Is registration required for all?

For citizens who want to verify their document registration is not required.Any agency who provides verification service, need to register and obtain approval by the concerned department.

• What is onboarding procedure with respect to Certificate Chain network?

It is a procedure to be followed by department before start publishing documents to Certificate Chain network.The procedure includes online registration, uploading document format,(document schema in XSD or JSON Schema) , define document display fields.

• After onboarding, how can existing application can publish documents to Certificate Chain?

Existing applications can publish documents using Certificate Chain API.API authentication credentials Certificate Chain API would be provided after on-boarding process.

• What opensource blockchain frameworks does the Certificate Chain use?

The Certificate Chain system is based on open-source blockchain technology hyperledger sawtooth.

• How can citizen verify their document on Certificate Chain portal ?

Citizens can verify their documents on documentchain portal by entering key identification details such as document ID or aadhar number.

• How can departmets / agencies verify documents ?

The verification can be done by the department or agencies by one of the following methods :

    • a.One-by-one verification on the portal.The orgnaisation can enter the details of the certificate such as the document type and the ID and the details will be displayed.

    • b.Bulk Verification : The orgnaisation can upload a list of certificate IDs for which the document details are required to be verified.The portal will retrieve the document details from the blockchain and prepare a file that can be downloaded by the orgnaisation.

    • c.API to integrate with the line of business application : The orgnaisation can use APIs to fetch the data from the Certificate Chain and integrate it with his application so that the logic for automatic verification, updation can be built.This will help to automate their processes of verification.